On site or Off site we have the resources to accommodate from 10 to 150 on site and up to 500 off site, we just need a little notice to prepare for you the best Italian food you’ve ever eaten. With our family recipes and family touch to make everything just the way you want. We’ll make your occasion “an affair to remember.”

Choose from a wide selection of Italian options as we will prepare a custom extravaganza for you and your catering needs.

Having a meeting and want something special? There is no place like Bacco for the meeting that will have everyone on your team talking. Bring your chairs for a corporate setting right in the heart of Italy without spending the time or money in travel. With budgets tight and time even tighter, the right atmosphere can help make the meeting/conference a pleasure.

Order “family style” meal presentation featuring appetizers, salads, pastas and entrées-plus new and exciting “speciales di casa,” where we will prepare “just for you” your favorite meals from our menu. You can enjoy a delicious Tour of Italy, anywhere and anytime you want it! From under the tent to under your roof, from large and small business affairs, let Bacco make your occasion extra special.