An Authentic Experience

The feeling of Italy is built into the intangible atmosphere at our Bacco restaurant. The fun, ambiance, conversations, good servers who know your name or at least, your face or where you like to sit or your favorite meal or a suggestion of something new is what makes Bacco “beyond the food” special. Our mission is to make you feel that from the moment you arrive to the time you leave, you will feel the same passion for what we do and how we treat our “family of guests.”

From our wait staff to our chefs and management staff, we all feel that we are all are our restaurant brand ambassadors. We want to make sure our guests come back time after time.

Italian Restaurant

Our Bacco Italian Restaurant takes pride in our heritage and our traditional Italian recipes. We take our mantra that states “when you’re here you’re there” very seriously, because from the day we took ownership over 10 years ago we made a commitment to our community of guests, that when you visited our Bacco restaurant you would not only talk about the food, the service, and the atmosphere, but the experience, the experience of being in Italy, if only for a few hours. You would be able to escape to a place that provided a “taste of Italy” right in the heart of North Wales.

Come experience only what Bacco can provide.

Server Mission

Our goal is to insure each and every guest of Bacco is made to feel that they just entered our home and are taken care of with the utmost of service. Our kitchen maintains the highest quality food standards and our goal is to make sure that from the kitchen to you, you have prompt service.

We’ve been told that what makes our server team so good is that we pay attention to the details, we take extraordinary people to make sure all of your needs and wants are cared for.

Our mission is simple, we want you to have fun, enjoy the experience only Bacco can provide, from the atmosphere to the food to the extraordinary service.

From all our servers to you… Bon Appetite!

Bacco is a finalist in The Intelligencer’s “Best of 2018”! Thanks to everyone who voted!